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It’s imperative
that we stay abreast of
the current changes in the
IRS Code and tax laws for
the benefit of our clients.
– Dale Horst, Owner
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Over half of workers
expect to retire between
age 60 and 69

Advisor Articles and Information

401(k) Questionnaire - The Final IRS Report
65 and Still Saving
A 401(k) Checkup
A Checklist for Plan Sponsors
A Financial Action Plan for the Future
A Retirement Preview
Any Questions (Changing Beneficiary)
Are You Ready - A Checklist for the New Year
Asset Management During Retirement
Boosting Participation in Your Company's 401(k) Plan
Catch-Up Contributions -- Making Up for Lost Time
Changing Beneficiaries
Choosing a Retirement Plan That Maximizes Benefits for Owners and Key Employees
Choosing the Right Retirement Plan
Counting Down to Retirement
Danger - Dont Touch
Depositing Plan Contributions
Did You Picture a Confortable Retirement
DOMA Decision - Assessing Its Impact
Easing into Retirement
Employee Meetings Can Help Make Your Plan a Success
Estimating Retirement Income
Exercising Your Retirement Options
FAQs About Required Notices
Funding Your Retirement - Save Early and Often
Give Your Graduate a Head Start on Retirement
Handling a Lump-sum Retirement Plan Payout
Haven't Saved What Now
How Much Is Enough
How Much Should You Be Contributing
How Much Will You Need
How to Get Younger Employees Interested in a 401(k) Plan
I Didn't Know That
I Shoulda, Coulda, Woulda
Inheriting an IRA
In-Plan Roth Rollovers
IRA Distributions -- Help Along the Road to Retirement
IRA Rollovers -- Know the Rules
IRS Voluntary Correction Program
Keeping an Eye on Your 401(k) Plan Account
Life Lessons - Countown to Retirement
Life Lessons - Don't have a Mid-Career Savings Crisis
Life Lessons - Saving While You're Young
Look at the Big Picture
Maintaining Your Balance
Meeting Your Goals - Its Not the Impossible Dream
My Business Is My Retirement Plan
Navigating an IRA
Participant Loan Disclosures
Paying Expenses Out of Plan Assets
Pieces of the Puzzle
Plan Loans and Hardship Withdrawals -- Can Doesn't Mean Should
Quick Changes = Quicksand
Ready, Set, Roth
Required Minimum Distributions
Retaining Plan Records
Retirement -- Got Your Ducks in a Row
Retirement Income Strategies
Retirement Investing -- No Margin for Error
Retirement Plan Distributions -- Handle with Care
Retirement Planning - Its Not Just About Money
Retirement Planning Myths
Retirement Plans for Small Businesses
Retirement Savings To Last a Lifetime
Review Retirement Plan Beneficiary Designations
Roth Accounts and Your Retirement
Roth IRAs -- Not Just for Retirement
Safe Harbor 401(k) Notice
Satisfying Section 404(c) Requirements -- An Ongoing Effort
Saving Savvy
Self-Employed Retirement Savings
Sharing Information Electronically
Smart Year-End Retirement Moves
Social Security in 2014
Spring Cleaning Time
Tailoring Your Retirement Plan Communications
Test Your Retirement Plan Knowledge
The Importance of the 408(b)(2) Fee Disclosure
The Ins and Outs of Your Plan's SPD
The NUA Strategy
The Pros and Cons of an IRA Rollover
The Roth 401(k) -- Is It Right for You
The Roth 401(k) Decision
The Roth IRA -- Is It the Right Plan for You
The Supreme Court Rules on SPDs
The Truth About IRAs
Time = Retirement Money
Time for a Reality Check
Time for a Roth Conversion
Time for a Tune-up
Time for Some Good News
Understanding Required Minimum Distributions
Understanding What It Means To Be a Plan Fiduciary
Understanding Your 401(k)
Using Plan Assets To Pay Expenses
Weighing Automatic Plan Features
What to Do If You're Offered an Early Retirement Buyout
What to Look For in Your 401(k) Service Provider
What's in Your Portfolio
What's Your Retirement Plan
When Employees Leave, but Plan Accounts Stay
Who's Your Beneficiary
Will You Be Ready
Will You Still Need Me, Will You Still Feed Me, When I'm 75
Would Your Business Benefit from Having a Retirement Plan
You Can Do It
Your Company's Retirement Plan -- Time for a Check-up
Your Preretirement To Do Lis
Your Retirement -- Planning for a 30-Year Adventure
Your Retirement Matters! (FINRA reviewed)
You're In Charge
You're in the Driver's Seat
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